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Why Burning a Candle Can Cause a Black Filter

October 2, 2018
If you have a black filter and you are known to burn candles, especially scented candles, this could be the reason for the black filter. One way to find out is to stop burning candles and check your filter a couple of weeks later, if the filter is st

Certification and Accreditation

October 4, 2016
Reviews and testimonials from previous customers are a good way to find out more about a business and how it interacts with customers.

HVAC-R Terminology

September 20, 2016
Terminology used in any industry can be confusing and difficult to grasp, but when it is about something in your home that you use every day, it can be even more frustrating.

Warning Signs in Your Furnace and A/C

September 6, 2016
Did you know that your furnace and air conditioner can give you warning signs? Like most machines, furnaces and air conditioners often show symptoms before a break down.

Importance of Maintenance Agreements

August 23, 2016
Maintenance agreements help you avoid break downs and give you peace of mind about your air conditioner and furnace.

Humidity in Your Home

August 9, 2016
Humidity can affect everything in your home, from your personal comfort to the well-being of your furniture, clothing, and wallpaper.

Adjusting air flow in your ducts

June 5, 2012
Some rooms need more airflow than others, and sometimes there is a temperature disparity between rooms and/or levels in your home. Adjusting the air flow rate in the

Keeping a maintenance log for your system

June 5, 2012
Whether you do the preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling system yourself or you have a professional company handle it, it is important to keep accurate

Heat exchanger inspections

June 5, 2012
Not all heat exchanger inspections are alike. There is a five step method of inspection recommended by both AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and refrigeration institute),

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