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Commercial HVACR - Sheet Metal

Choice Aire has complete in-house sheet metal capabilities. The company has invested in equipment with which we cut, bend, weld and join black iron steel and galvanized sheet metal.

This allows us to control our production schedule and production costs. By eliminating outside vendors we are able to insure we get the correct material on-site when needed and without involving a third party.

Sheet Metal Cutting

Our CNC plasma cutter delivers accurate cuts at high speed with minimal waste. The net result is efficiency and control.

Sheet Metal Bending

The Roto-Die hydraulic bending machine provides accurate, repeatable bends. Multiple die profiles are readily available, increasing overall output.

Sheet Metal Welding and Joining

Choice Aire manufactures welded duct, welded black iron and galvanized for restaurants and commercial kitchens. We also produce custom sheet metal curbs for rooftop installations, saving on costs normally incurred with roofing contractors.

We also join metal mechanically, eliminating fasteners and spot welding. The result is stronger and air tight.

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