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Commercial Heating and Cooling

Choice Aire walks the walk. We have a broad range of commercial heating and cooling experience, including office buildings, restaurants and convenience stores. Our in-house sheet metal and custom fabrication capabilities are evidence of our commitment to the commercial market.


Whether this is new construction, major renovation or a replacement, Choice Aire has the professional technicians to handle your project.

We are constantly training to stay current with the latest technology.


We understand the importance of keeping your commercial business up and running. From rooftop forced air units to walk-in coolers and beverage dispensers, Choice Aire has the equipment to diagnose and the technicians to repair your problem.

Preventative Maintenance

Equipment fails when you can least afford it. Money invested in preventative maintenance goes a long way to eliminating breakdowns. Scheduled maintenance allow us to know and log your HVACR equipment. We know inherent weaknesses in all of the various systems and perform regular checks to document performance. As we see performance degrade, we will keep you informed so repairs or replacement can be scheduled. Avoiding disruption to your business is our goal.

Energy Management, Energy Savings and Air Quality

Technological advances have made it possible to more tightly control the operation of individual components. Zoning, demand and ventilation controls improve the comfort and air quality within your business. Energy costs are reduced as well by running the HVACR equipment to meet sampled air standards. By sensing occupancy, controls shut off your system when unnecessary, leading to real savings.

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