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Importance of Maintenance Agreements

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Maintenance agreements help you avoid break downs and give you peace of mind about your air conditioner and furnace.

A surprise isn’t always a good thing, especially when it is a surprise break down. Like your car, your furnace and air conditioner need regular maintenance in order to run efficiently and help avoid break downs. Luckily, we offer maintenance agreements to help you do just that.

Under our maintenance agreement, we would call you to schedule an appointment for maintenance that fits your schedule. We would then come out twice a year, once in Spring/Summer for your A/C and once in Fall/Winter for your furnace. During these visits we would perform a number of tests to check that your systems are operating well and provide tune-ups on various components of the system. For your air conditioner we would make sure that the refrigerant is at the correct pressure, cycle the system, clean the condenser coil, measure temperature, measure the air flow, and tighten electrical components. For your furnace we would clean the burner assembly, clean and check the heat exchange for a carbon monoxide leak, check the flue draft, clean the condensate drains, clean the ignition assembly, tighten the electrical components, lubricate all moving parts, and measure the temperature difference.

Performing this maintenance on your systems may seem like overkill, but it is crucial to your system.  Having someone regularly check and service your units allows you to avoid common causes of break downs and diagnose potential problems before they begin. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your units, giving you more value for your investment, and is required for extended warranties on new equipment after installation. Lastly, the service gives you peace of mind that your units will work when you need them to and keep you and your family comfortable.


Are you interested in a maintenance agreement with us? Call us today for more information about the service, pricing, and how to set up your maintenance agreement!

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