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Warning Signs in Your Furnace and A/C

September 6, 2016

Did you know that your furnace and air conditioner can give you warning signs? Like most machines, furnaces and air conditioners often show symptoms before a break down. Home owners don't always know what these signs are or what they mean, but this list will help you recognize and identify possible problems and warning signs of future problems.

Rising gas & electric bills are an indication that your furnace or air conditioner is having to work harder than usual to maintain temperatures. Unusual noises coming from either unit can indicate loose or broken parts. Liquid leaking from your units or pooling around them can be an indication that a drain is clogged. If your units are having difficulty "keeping up" with the thermostat settings, it can be a sign that the system may need a repair.

A serious set of signs from your furnace are if your pilot or main flame light has a yellow color and if you and your family are suffering from nausea, headaches, and flu-like symptoms. These are all indications of a carbon monoxide leak in the heat exchange in the furnace, which can be fatal and  requires immediate response.

For your air conditioner, foul odors emanating from the unit are a sign that it needs to be cleaned. Warm air flowing from the vents when the unit is turned on is another symptom that your air conditioner may need service.

A maintenance agreement for your units can help avoid these issues and the possibility of a break down. Having a technician check and tune-up your furnace and air conditioner before they are used each season allows problems to be discovered and addressed before they begin to affect you and your family.


If you would like to know more about maintenance agreements or possible problems, call us today!

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